Project Kereru

Cascade Creek Retreat is proud to be aligned with the Project Kereru programme. Project Kereru is ‘a voluntary community based Conservation Project that is changing the fate of sick and injured Kereru in Dunedin and surrounding areas. As far as we are aware, Project Kereru is the only one of its kind in the country. Many other facilities care for sick and injured birds in New Zealand also, but we are the only ones dedicated to the kereru alone.’

At Cascade Creek Retreat, we have been working to create a cohesive experience around the Retreat, returning some of the farmland to its natural state. Over the past five years, different areas of the property have been identified and the best use for that area has been established. The protection of a number of areas of native bush that has significant biodiversity and scenic value with the diverse birdlife, as well as rivers, streams and numerous native trees and plants such as century-old Totara, Kahikatea, Rimu and Matai has led to our relationship with Nic Hurring, who runs Project Kereru in Dunedin.

The continuation of the native plantings around the Cascade Creek Retreat have improved food sources for native birds all year round. With many kereru on the property, the relationship that has been established has ensured a safe and natural environment for Kereru to be released into near the Retreat and also ensures there will be Kereru for future generations to enjoy.

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An example of the work that is done is when a kereru was found that had been attacked by one of the native falcons, so we at Cascade Creek Retreat took it to Nic at Project Kereru. She was able to rehabilitate it back to good health and brought it back to be released. She has since released more kereru into the valley that Cascade Creek Retreat is located in.

The reciprocal relationship that we have established with Project Kereru is mutually beneficial for diverse areas of the native eco system. Cascade Creek Retreat is able to provide a natural, safe habitat for recovered Kereru to be released into the native bush valley directly out from the Retreat, and the establishment of Cascade Creek Retreats ‘Plant a Tree Programme’ allows guests to directly contribute to the good of Project Kererus cause as a $10 donation from the ‘Plant a Tree Programme’ goes straight to Project Kereru.

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