Plant a tree programme

At Cascade Creek Retreat we believe it is vital to protect, preserve and enhance the natural environment and beauty which we are lucky enough to be surrounded by. One of our key initiatives in making this happen is our “plant a tree’ programme which is very popular amongst our guests. Whether it is to help us support the development and maintenance of the native trees near Cascade Creek Retreat or to commemorate a special event which they are celebrating during their stay at Cascade Creek Retreat such as a marriage proposal and engagement, birthday, honeymoon, wedding day etc., our guests cherish the opportunity to be able to engage themselves in this initiative and make a real difference during their time here.

The establishment and support of this programme ensures the precious native trees are looked after, maintained and well established to enhance the growth of further seedlings and prospective native trees in the future.

As well as the benefit for the trees and native bush eco system and environment, this programme allows the native birds such as Kereru, Tui, Bellbirds, of which there are many who live surrounding Cascade Creek Retreat, to have a valuable food source and shelter and allow these beautiful species to flourish in this sustainable environment.

The planting of the trees ensures numerous benefits to the eco system surrounding Cascade Creek Retreat. Grown from locally sourced seeds, the replantation ensures the native bush continues to remain as natural as if it self-seeded in the canopy itself.


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How the Plant a tree programme works:

At the time of your booking, please indicate via email that you are interested in being a valuable part of this whole process.  We then send through to you a selection of our trees which we have available for you to choose which one you would like to plant during your stay. There is a cost of $25 per tree, which goes towards the maintenance and protection of the tree over the next 3-4 years (see below for a more detailed description of this). Guests can choose from any of the following trees – Rimu, Kowhai, Kahikatea, Totara, Cabbage tree, or Wine Berry. Once we have received the tree selection from you, we will ensure it is there waiting for you at Cascade Creek Retreat  when you arrive for your stay, along with a plot map, a spade and planting instructions.

What your $25 goes to:

  • Sourcing of seed and plantation programme
  • Plot preparation and spray
  • Fertiliser (where necessary)
  • Maintenance of tree and surrounding area
  • $10 donation to a selected charity which Cascade Creek Retreat is aligned with e.g. Project Kereru